Full Payment Submission(FPS)

An FPS must be submitted to the HMRC each time an employee is paid. This will inform the HMRC about the payments and deductions of each employee.

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HMRC Settings

Make sure the HMRC details are provided in the company settings.

Open the Company and click on the  button to open the company settings.

On the company settings click on HMRC Settings

Employer Settings: Provide the Employer PAYE Reference, Accounts Office Reference.

RTI Settings:
Employer & Bureau:

  • Make sure ‘Enable RTI’ is ticked, this will allow you to submit FPS.
  • Provide the HMRC Gateway User ID and Password on the User ID and Password text boxes.

Bureau: As Bureau you can choose to use the Bureau Credentials for the companies using the ‘Use Bureau Credentials?’ checkbox. This has to be specified on each company.
The Bureau Credentials should be provided on the Bureau Company.

Note: If you have any queries on acquiring the above details like the Employer PAYE Reference, Accounts Office Reference and HMRC Gateway details, please contact the HMRC helpline.


On the Company List screen, click on Bell Icon à HMRC Tasks

This will open the HMRC Alerts screen. Click on the Blue refresh arrow icon to get the updated values.

Once refreshed, click on FPS Submission. This will show a list of the companies which are pending submission.

FPS Submission: You can change the FPS Date and select the late reason if required.

Select the companies you wish to submit FPS and click on the ‘Submit Now’ button.


Open the company and open the Payslips screen. This can be accessed from the Employees list screen by clicking on the ‘Payslips’ button.

On the Payslips screen, click on RTI button and choose Full Payment Submission(FPS)

On the Full Payment Submission screen, you can change the FPS Date and select the late reason if required.

Once the required details are specified click on ‘Submit Now’ button.

FPS Deadlines:

The FPS should be submitted on or before your employee's payday. If it is submitted after the pay date, then a Late Reason must be provided.
If you are unsure about the Late Reason, you can call the HMRC Helpline and check with them.
The late reason can be specified after the checkbox "Report as Late Submission?" is ticked on the Full Payment Submission screen.

Final Submission(End of Year):

During the end of the tax year, the final FPS submission should be made. This option can be selected on the Full Payment Submission screen by ticking the "Final Submission for this Tax Year?" checkbox.


1. I have processed payroll for an employee who has no pay this period and submitted the FPS. How do I delete this?

In this case a NIL FPS should be submitted to the HMRC. To submit a NIL FPS do the below,

  • Delete the P11 record for the employee from the Payslips screen.
  • Include the employee in the current submission, this is done from Employee Record à HMRC(Tab) à RTI(Section) à Include in Current FPS?: Yes
  • Go to the Full Payment Submission screen, make sure the figures shown are 0.00. Then, resubmit the FPS with the late reason "H: Correction to earlier Submission".

2. Where can I download the submissions made?

This can downloaded from multiple locations.

  • Action column in Payslips screen: First filter the period required, then click on the download icon under the Action column.
  • The RTI Submission History: In the RTI Submission History, change the submission type filter to "Full Payment Submission".
    à RTI à RTI Submission History.
  • Reports: RTI & Payment Due(section) à Download FPS Files.
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