Initial Setup for Employers with Pension Scheme

If you are with a Pension Provider then the below setup should be done before signing up to the pension provider on Primo.

Employee Record:

1. New Employee: All AE related information must be filled in when setting up the employee record or using the data import file.
2. Existing Employee: Use AE import template which has been attached to update the AE related information in the employee record. This can be 
Navigation: Settings à Others(Section): Import Data

Previous Contributions:

Make sure that the current period which is processed on Primo is the same period that the Pension Provider is also expecting the submission.
If there are any pending submissions, then the Pension Provider needs to be updated(ex: by manually updating the contributions).

AE Submission Date:

This is the End date of the Earnings/Contributions period the pension provider is expecting. Select this once and the program will automatically calculate the consecutive dates for the forthcoming periods. 

For Monthly, if you select the last day of the month, then the start date will be first of that month. If you select any other day of the month, the start date will be the previous day in the following month. 
For Weekly, the start date will be lesser by 6 days from this End date chosen. Likewise, it is 13 days lesser for 2-Weekly and 27 days lesser for 4-Weekly.

This can be configured from,
Settings à Processing Rules à Payroll Frequency(Tab)-> AE Submission Date