Existing User (Has Pension Scheme, No PensionSync Account)

Prerequisites: Initial Setup

This is a guide for an Existing User set up the Pension Scheme using PensionSync Service.
Pension Providers: NEST, NOW, Legal & General , The People’s Pension (TPP), Aviva.


A) Open the sign-up page 

  • Open the company in Primo Payroll
  • Make sure Staging date is available or Click ‘Click here’ on the AE Panel on the right side of the home page to find the Staging date
  • Click ‘Sign-up’ on the AE Panel on the right side of the home page
  • In the dialogue box, Select ‘Providers using PensionSync’ and click ‘Set-up Payroll Only’ and click OK

B) Set-up the following parameters

  • Enter the Employer ID and select the Pension Provider
  • Select the Pension calculation basis as chosen in your pension scheme. Also, mention if you have used postponement and Save.
    (Note: Sometimes browser pop-up blockers may prevent this window from opening. If this happens you can click the address bar and allow the browser to open this site ‘Always’. You may then need to come back to the Signup page and click Signup once more).
  • This will open the PensionSync Scheme Management Tool (SMT) Registration Screen. Fill-in your company details and click ‘Register’. Your PensionSync account will be created. 
  • If you still can’t access the SMT signup page, then go to 
    - If Employer, Employee List
    à Click here to login to PensionSync SMT platform.
    - If Bureau Company, Company List
    à AE à Login to PensionSync

C) Authorising the Pension Scheme

  • In the SMT, Account à Authorisation à Pension Scheme à Click the link to ‘Authorise’ à Enter the Pension Providers login credentials à OK
  • Wait for the pension scheme’s status to change from ‘Inactive’ to ‘Active’

D) Primo Payroll: Complete the sign-up process 

  • Complete the Sign-up process in Primo Payroll from the menu
    - If Employer, Employee List
    à Right side panel à Click here to download the scheme details and setup the Payroll.
    - If Bureau, Company List
    à Bell icon à AE tasks à Awaiting Scheme Confirmation à Retrieve Scheme
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  • 02-Jun-2019