Existing Smart Pension Users

Prerequisites: Initial Setup

Configure existing Smart Pension details in Primo Payroll

A) Get the below from your Smart Pension account as per the below,

Employer under a Bureau

Direct Employer

Employer Company ID

Employer Company ID

B) Open the Sign-up Page

  • Open the relevant company (Bureau or Employer) in Primo Payroll.
  • Make sure the Staging date is available. For Bureau, if necessary use dummy staging date.
  • Click Sign-up on the AE Panel on the right side of the home page.
  • Click the button Set-up Payroll Only.

C) Input the following details 

  • For Employer under a Bureau Company: Employer Company ID
  • For Employer: Employer Company ID

D) Complete the Payroll Set-up 

  • Click OK 
  • There will be a prompt for authorization. Provide the details and authorize it.
  • Wait for the successful set-up message to appear

Once the above is finished, Smart Pension will send emails to the Signatory/Employer for setting up a direct debit and to accept the ‘terms & conditions’. Once this process is completed, the Smart Pension login details will be emailed to the Signatory/Employer. 

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  • 14-Oct-2019