New Sign-up to Smart Pension

New Sign-up to Smart Pension from Primo Payroll
A) Open the sign-up page

  • Open the company in Primo Payroll 
  • Click ‘Click here’ on the AE Panel on the right side of the home page to find the Staging date. 
  • Click Sign-up on the AE Panel on the right side of the home page 
  • Select ‘Smart Pension’ from the list and click Sign-up.

B) Set-up the following parameters

  • Legal Structure: As relevant to the business. 
  • Pension calculated on: “All Pensionable Earnings (Un-banded)” 
  • Postponement: As relevant 
  • Signatory: Enter the details of the person in the employer organisation who will be responsible for AE compliance 
  • Admin: Fill the details here 
    (a) if you are a Bureau 
    (b) if you are an employer who have appointed a 3rd party to represent you.

C) Complete the Sign-up

  • Click the button Sign-up 
  • Wait for the successful sign-up message to appear.

Once the above is finished, Smart Pension will send emails to the Signatory/Employer for setting up a direct debit and to accept the ‘terms & conditions’. Once this process is completed, the Smart Pension login details will be emailed to the Signatory/Employer. 

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  • 30-May-2019