Data Transfer between Payroll & Pension Systems

Smart Pension & PensionSync (Automatic)

# Process Communication Flow What data is transferred Smart Pension Pension Sync
1 Employer Sign-up Payroll to Pension >> Employer Record Yes Yes
2 Save Employee record Payroll to Pension >> Employee Record Yes N/A
3 Amend Pension Record (calculation method) Payroll to Pension >> Pension calculation method Yes N/A
4 Run Payroll Pension to Payroll << Opt-out data Yes Yes
Opt-in Data Yes Yes
Postponement end date Yes N/A
Employee % contribution Yes N/A
Payroll to Pension >> Auto-Enrolled & Opted-in Employee Records N/A Yes
Payroll to Pension >> All Employee Records N/A Yes
5 Close Period Payroll to Pension >> Pension Contributions* Yes Yes
Employee records Yes N/A
Pension to Payroll << Opt-out & Opt-in Data N/A N/A
Assessment Results N/A N/A
6 Failed Submissions Payroll to Pension >> Previous period's pension contribution Yes Yes


On Pension Sync make payment is a manual process. For more information please check with Pension Sync

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  • 30-May-2019